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Recommendations from the Panduit Team

November 25, 2015 To whom it may concern, I had the opportunity to work with Brian as one of our marketing leaders, specifically as he led our eMarketing Team. Brian is a forward-thinking leader with a firm grasp on how to use technology to help grow the business and enable the business leaders to accomplish their strategic and business objectives. He is very pragmatic and was able to sort out which technologies were not ready for prime-time and which were ready to significantly help us do business better, faster, cheaper. The technologies he led his team to implement (i.e. Marketing Automation, Web Technologies, Web Analytics) helped our business leaders better understand our customers, interact in ways our customers preferred, and outperform our competition. As a leader, Brian was able to rally his team around the most important projects and goals. As issues arose, he was able to work closely with his team to navigate through the issues and resolve them quickly and effectively. I would recommend Brian as a leader of a Marketing Technology Team that has to deliver technologies that are expected to enable the business leaders to deliver extraordinary results. Thank you, Ron Partridge President, Americas SUZOHAPP 1743 S. Linneman Rd. Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

Ron Partridge, CMO, Managed Brian @ Panduit

July 13, 2014 To whom it may concern, I had the pleasure of working with Brian at Panduit on his Digital Marketing Platforms team. Though technically I worked for him, Brian’s leadership style and approachability allows his teams to work with him, as he understands the value of true collaboration that drives success. He welcomes all ideas and is open-minded, but has the business sense, technical expertise, and analytical mindset to discern the most effective solutions for each specific business need. Brian is inherently motivated which has resulted in him becoming a subject matter expert in each of the many areas he has immersed himself. From software and web development to UX, design, campaign management, e-commerce, and all other aspects of digital marketing, his experience, knowledge, and proven success in all of these areas makes him an extremely valuable asset and reliable resource for any IT or Marketing team. Coupled with Brian’s invaluable knowledge and experience is thought leadership. While open to all ideas, Brian is unafraid to be inquisitive and disrupt the status quo if it is in the best interest of the business. He has the rare ability to know what questions to ask and when to ask them in a way that forces an organization to truly analyze every angle of a problem. In doing so, he ensures the course of action taken leads to an effective, sustainable solution resulting in the highest possible ROI. On a personal level, Brian is invested in his team and his peers and connects with them in a way that I have rarely seen in upper management (or in most people). He truly cares about people and supports them as individuals not only in areas of career development, but also on a human level. If you’re looking for effective, results-driven direction for your IT or Marketing organization, Brian is your man. He brings a fresh perspective and original leadership style to any business and will help your team realize their full potential. Thank you, Jonathan Leweke 904-637-8230

Jonathan Leweke, Worked for Brian @ Panduit

January 12, 2016 To whom it may concern, In my experience working with Brian, I found Brian to be a highly valuable leader of the Digital Marketing Team at Panduit. Brian consistently demonstrated an ability to tackle the strategic projects and the tactical work with eye on creating solutions versus simply solving problems. His leadership position was demonstrated in his technical understanding of the Digital Marketing Platforms and his ability to provide a logical and clear path to the organizational and process change required to make the results long-lasting. Brian has an effective working style that enables him to effectively bridge the often tricky gap that exists when working on programs with customer-focused Marketing folks and the technology-optimized IT folks. The bottom-line, Brian is a respected leader in the Digital Marketing realm and continues to be a “go-to” resource for me as an expert in driving business results. Sincerely, Rick Conneely

Rick Conneely, Worked with Brian @ Panduit

January 4, 2017 To whom it may concern, Brian is a rare individual who can effectively engage the full gamut of stakeholders to interpret business requirements and leverage his comprehensive knowledge of digital technology to deliver win-win solutions. His passion is the deployment of technology and when presented with a new platform, system or tool he dives as deep as required, to ensure the technology supports the business objectives and the project is executed within budget and on-time. Brian is a "get it done" professional with a vast base of knowledge and experience. He executes strategies to meet tight deadlines, is extremely industrious and is the consummate team player. Brian's unique skills, motivation and drive for success make him an asset to any organization seeking the application of technology to grow their business. Thank you, Brad Wittenkellar Director North America Marketing 708-217-8777

Brad Wittenkellar, Worked with Brian @ Panduit

January 13, 2014 To whom it may concern, I’ve had the pleasure to work with Brian on several projects and have found him to be a valued contributor. His understanding of digital marketing and business provided additional insights to key projects and campaigns. As a results driven professional, he takes the time to provide real-world solutions that are highly effective. Sincerely, Jim Sungaila

Jim Sungaila, Worked with Brian @ Panduit