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Recommendations from the ADP Team

September 5, 2011 As Director of Global Internet Marketing Brian Thompson strongly assisted my own marketing programs initiatives in three key areas: - Development and execution of impactful email marketing programs that generated significant leads and revenue. - Production of a web site that forms the basis of ADP Dealer Services' digital marketing efforts. - Guidance on additional digital marketing initiatives including SEO, online advertising, and e-newsletters that delivered leads, built awareness, and supported sales activities. Brian provides a unique combination of experience and dedication to his role that has driven successful initiatives throughout the company. Additionally, he never stops driving towards new ways to achieve our goals and produce strong results. Sincerely, Andrew Tippet Senior Programs Manager ADP 847.309.7203

Andrew Tippet, Worked with Brian @ ADP

August 26, 2010 To whom it may concern, I have worked with Brian Thompson for the last two years at ADP Dealer Services and I have found his work ethic and Internet/Marketing talents extraordinary. During his time at ADP, Mr. Thompson has not only propelled ADP in our web activity he has also lead us to deliver compelling lead generating email campaigns…both activities have greatly assisted ADP with our branding, market awareness and revenue goals. Mr. Thompson has been able to accomplish these tasks due to his superior ability to lead and manage projects, communicate effectively (both written and verbal) and provide creative solutions to challenges that arise. In summary, I would highly recommend Mr. Thompson for any position or goals he may have. I’m confident you will discover he is a valuable asset to any organization or institution. Sincerely, Brent Kenyon Sr. Manager, Marketing Programs

Brent Kenyon, Worked with Brian @ ADP

August 7, 2012 To whom it may concern, I’ve counted myself very fortunate to have known and worked with Brian Thompson over the years, and I’ve been lucky enough to witness the outstanding work he has done in building Web Platforms that have been adopted and used across ADP Dealer Services. During Brian’s tenure at ADP Dealer Services, he’s rolled out some incredible projects like Online Demo Registration, Global Email Platforms, Global URL Purchasing Process, Third Party Access Vendor Technology, OEM Vendor Integration and several high profile domestic and international business websites. I’ve seen firsthand the impact that these developments have had on our clients in helping them make better decisions. I’ve seen the entire web team grow and flourish in response to Brian’s accessibility and technological advancements he provided. And at the end of the day, we’ve seen our products enable our end users to do wonderful things. While I look forward to continuing to work with the exceptional web team that Brian has built at ADP Dealer Services, his vacancy will certainly be felt. I’d like to thank Brian Thompson for his vision, his dedication, and his accomplishments while at ADP Dealer Services. Thank you, Karl Schneider Web and Data Analytics Manager ADP Dealer Services 224.544.9188

Karl Schneider, Worked for Brian @ ADP

August 7, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: It is with great privilege that I write to you in recommendation of Brian A. Thompson. I have worked with Brian on a professional and personal level. I have found him to be a pleasant, decisive and determined individual who is never afraid to take on a challenging task. Brian is an independent, dedicated, and self-directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even the most demanding challenges. During his tenure at ADP Dealer Services, we saw an unprecedented growth in our email and web space. While his on the job performance has been nothing less than stellar, Brian has also become a friend and confidant to many people here in our organization. We pride ourselves on our corporate values and in this area, he truly shines. I highly recommend Brian for your company. He has a passion for business and is able to focus on all the minute details without losing sight of the big picture. He is a team player, a great person, and would be an asset to any company. If you would like additional information about Brian, you can contact me (630) 479-5365. Sincerely, Rick Magana Email Marketing Manager ADP Dealer Services

Rick Magana, Worked for Brian @ ADP

March 12, 2012 Brian is an accomplished digital marketing professional whose knowledge and creativity have been invaluable to me in helping to develop internet and email marketing initiatives for my products. His astuteness and passion have produced significant success for our websites, including increasing targeted traffic, building awareness, and generating leads. Brian has the unique ability to both elucidate a vision and then persist in executing. He continually augments his expertise with new skills and adapts his approach to meet new marketing challenges to help the organization grow and lead in the digital space. Sincerely, Scott Koncel Senior Programs Manager ADP 847.962.9762

Scott Koncel, Worked with Brian @ ADP

February 18, 2012 Brian Thompson is truly an expert in the field of internet marketing, digital marketing, website design and management He is confident in his abilities, and for good reason; he is dependable, reliable and a well-rounded professional in his field. I was glad to be working along-side of a person like Brian whom I was able to learn from and lean on when necessary. Brian's knowledge base stretches well beyond technology; he has a great understanding of business and its many facets. Brian is a knowledgeable professional with so much to offer and I'm glad he was part of the ADP marketing teams. Sincerely, Desiree Banks Marketing Communications Manager ADP

Desiree Banks, Worked with Brian @ ADP

It is my great pleasure to recommend Brian to whom it may concern, Throughout my internship in the summer of 2010 with ADP, Brian Thompson helped me immensely in learning and adjusting to the culture inside of the company and the different tools he used on the daily basis. Brian was very patient in teaching me the database structures of internal systems and devoted extra time for questions and concerns throughout his busy schedule. It was very evident early on in my internship to notice that Brian was involved in his work and that he was determined to see his department succeed in all projects that he takes on. Not only is he a great manager, but he is a phenomenal teacher. Brian does not just want a colleague to do the task on the agenda, but he wants them to understand what they are doing and have reasoning behind their decisions.

Aaron Westbrook, Worked for Brian @ ADP