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Sears PartsDirect Weekly Newsletter Series


As a business servicing customers who are “in need” at a specific time for a specific product to fix something; we needed a way to drive incremental traffic, revenue and brand interest. Our challenge was hitting the inbox due to the lifetime value of the email addresses we were targeting and the our risk of being blacklisted due to the high velocity of promotional email being sent out.

In order to make sure were not placing the business at risk of violating the ISP’s thresholds while still delivering quality content, I led my team through an effort of developing a strategy on how and when we communicate via email. This email series was sent out weekly and incorporated our more than 1000 DIY articles related to everyday home owner issues.

Project Details

My Role:
Director Web Strategy & Digital Marketing

My Involvement:
Strategist, project manager, platform management, team leader

Applications Used
Adobe Creative Cloud, Responsys ESP, Adobe Omniture

Project Images
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