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Claire’s Campaign: Mobile Commerce App


As the business leader for delivering Claire’s first mobile app, I recognized a need to entice consumers to download the application, after all what why would they want to interact with our app vs. any other app in the app stores. Using information I knew from VOC survey’s that my team conducted that we could deliver strong results on the download metric, but the key measurement for this project was to drive revenue through the app.

To entice both downloads and purchases, I developed a measurable strategy that would include a one time use code that was configured for a 1 time use per account for our deepest discount at the time; 30% off; but it was only available through the app.

We saw over a 1000 downloads in the first 30 days in the U.S. and a similar receptivity in the U.K., had highest redemption of any code in the fiscal year and reach top 100 downloaded apps in our category in the U.K. for that quarter.

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Project Details

My Role:
Group Director Ecommerce & Digital

My Involvement:
Strategist, project manager, platform management, team leader

Applications Used
iOS App Store, Google Play, PredictSpring development platform, Google Analytics

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