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Claire’s Campaign: Happy Birthday!


Understanding the importance of LTV of a customer and what that means to the top line of an ecommerce business, I took on the goal to identify ways we could interact with our customers in ways we weren’t before; all in effort to grow revenue. As part of a strategy I called “grow their value” which focused on just that, growing incremental revenue from repeat purchases, I launched a strategy to deliver email to our customers on their birthday with a special discount code that could be used online or within our app.

Though something we’re all used to today, Claire’s did not have the infrastructure in place to support such programs.  I developed a roadmap, resource plan and set my team off on this short project to integrate our member registration database to our ESP platform to have stronger profile data which then all allowed us to send triggered based emails on the day of our customers birthday.

The final step was to design a fun, happy and thoughtful email creative. My design team built an email that was fun and called out our brand for what it was, Happy!

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Project Details

My Role:
Group Director Ecommerce & Digital

My Involvement:
Strategist, project manager, platform management, team leader

Applications Used
iOS App Store, Google Play, PredictSpring development platform, Google Analytics

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