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Claire’s Stores: Promotional Email Marketing


As the global head of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, I was responsible for email marketing and marketing automation for the Claire’s brand worldwide. Our business provided a unique challenge as we targeted a younger demographic (teen and tween girls) while knowing the purchasing power was held by the parent or guardian. This provided an opportunity to have our brand re-positioned within this channel and combine a mix of creative and messaging that would appeal to the younger demographic while still presenting strong purchase messaging to the older demographic.

The examples you will see below are just some of the ways we built a more fun, engaging creative for our email campaigns that focused on some of the following strategic growth areas, all of which we were successful at (see growth numbers below):

  • Increase online purchases
  • New customer acquisition
  • Boost retention rates
  • Drive higher AOV
  • Assist in offline purchases (drive more traffic to stores)
  • Grow lifetime customer value

In order to achieve the above listed goals, my team built a personalization strategy that deliver timely, relevant emails campaigns to our list to assist growth by delivering what our customers had showed us they cared about. Subject line testing methodologies were also implemented to assist in understanding what gained our business a stronger open and click through rate. A final step was to assure our email campaigns were mobile friendly as our shift to mobile was double digit year over year.

Gallery of Emails

Email Program Growth

Email KPI’s that grew during my time Claire’s were:

  • Grew traffic by +86% 
  • Reduced bounce rate on the channel by +74%
  • Increased transactions by +68%
  • Boosted revenue by +65%

Project Details

My Role:
Group Director Digital and Ecommerce

My Involvement:
Strategist, project manager, platform management, team leader

Applications Used
Adobe Creative Cloud, SilverPop ESP, Responsys, Google Analytics

Project Images
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