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ADP Persona Based Content Marketing


As part of the marketing leadership team for ADP Dealer Services, I was appointed to lead the migration of our acquisition’s digital marketing programs. PFW was an acquisition by ADP in 2009 that was a direct lead into a new segment which in turn opened up an entirely new set of opportunities for our team to digitally market this this line of solutions.

Throughout the integration of this new business, my team led the integration of PFW’s website to the Sitecore content management system that we had replatformed to upon my entry into the business in 2008.

This project was a great opportunity as during this migration to Sitecore, we implemented and piloted the content marketing modules of the CMS system to deliver targeted content based on persona of the end user profile. This allowed the organization to drive a higher conversion rate by providing information based on the customers browse history and defined information from their CRM profile which we pull in from Salesforce.com.

We had also introduced a new contact model to their website which we had tested on another website (ADP Lightspeed) where we embedded contact forms on all user engagement based pages across the site. This was done increase registrations as part of the MQL process. As a results of this action, we saw customer contacts increase by more than 30% in the first 90 days.

Take a look at a few examples:

Project Details

My Role:
Global Director Digital Marketing

My Involvement:
Strategist, project manager, platform management, team leader.

Applications Used
Adobe CS Suite, HTML, Sitecore CMS, Google Analytics